Visiting the Bahamas

If you’re looking for a holiday in the sun, the white powder beaches and pristine turquoise waters of the Bahamas are for you. This collection of sun soaked islands nestling just north of Cuba and southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Island boasts a tropical climate and a warm, easygoing vibe.

New Providence Island is home to the glamorous city of Nassau and linked by bridge to Paradise Island, a small islet that more than lives up to its name. Nassau is a city that effortlessly combines modern style with old world charm. Alongside trendy bars and restaurants there are distinct reminders of its colonial past in its Georgian architecture and horse drawn carts. Contemporary art galleries and historical museums add to this intriguing city. There are several activities for the more active, including golf, tennis and diving. The Atlantis Waterscape, an enormous open air aquarium, is a must see.

Grand Bahama Island is another popular destination, especially amongst the ecologically conscious and those in search of natural wonders. The island is home to the Lucayan Caverns, a large underwater limestone cave system, as well as three national parks, beautiful forests, and several traditional fishing villages. It is extremely popular with divers, as well as those seeking a little escapism in beautiful surroundings. The beaches are stunning, especially Gold Rock Beach.

The Abacos are a renowned destination for boating and sailing. This is due to its calm waters and numerous exquisite islands, with their beautiful beaches, pleasant towns, stylish restaurants and recreational facilities.

Andros is the largest Bahamian island and yet it is relatively untouched by tourism. It offers clear waters and superb diving in the underwater cave systems or Blue Holes, as well as the opportunity to explore inland away from typical tourist spots. It is popular with hikers and bird watchers for this reason.

The Berry Islands are a group of idyllic islands offering the chance for seclusion and romance away from the crowds, while nearby Bimini is popular for diving and fishing thanks to its warm currents and rich sea life.

Inagua is not perhaps what you would expect from the Bahamas. This southernmost pair of sparsely populated islands is a bird watcher’s paradise and especially notable for its large flamingo colony in the national park.

When booking a holiday in the Bahamas, it helps to have a basic knowledge of the resorts and towns on the various islands, so that you can plan a holiday to suit your needs. Each island has its own character and plus points, with some more suitable for a vibrant and active experience, while others are more secluded offering the chance for unparalleled tranquility