Fort Montagu Nassau Bahamas
Fort Montagu Nassau Bahamas the perfect bahamian tour

Fort Montagu Nassau Bahamas was finished the latter end July, 1742, and mounted eight 18, three 9, and six 6 pounders. Within the fort is a terraced cistern, containing thirty tons,of ram water and so contrived as to receive all that falls within the fort, with a drain to carry off the superflous water; there are barracks for officers and soldiers, a guard room, and powder magazine, bomb proof, to contain ninety-five barrels of powder; two of its sides are close upon the sea, and the two land sides are well secured by mastich pallisades. When the fort was finished, I invited the Governor and principal inhabitants to it, and then delivered His Excellency the keys thereof, under a discharge of all the cannon. The Governor and inhabitants were now extremely well pleased to consider themselves in a condition to repel the invasion of an enemy, as the back door through which the place often had been surprised, was now shut up."

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